How to keep spiders away from the bed

Use Vinegar
I love using vinegar for applications around the home. Vinegar is great for cleaning, it kills germs in the bathroom, eliminates odors, and most importantly keeps spiders away from you, your home, and your bed.

Simply mix water in vinegar into a spray bottle, about the same amount of each. Use this in the areas where you think spiders will crawl, like against the walls and window sills. Just be careful not to damage and surfaces.

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Use Citrus
Use Citrus to Keep Spiders Away

Citrus is a scent that will keep a lot of pets, bugs, insects, and more away from areas you don’t when them in. Diffusing citrus essential oils in your bedroom is an effective way to spread the scent, or you can use pieces of fruit, scented candles, make your own spray, etc.

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Obviously, if you have pets you need to be careful. Most cats and dogs hate the scent of citrus, so look into this before diffusing or spraying it everywhere. I really like orange and lemon scents and have used them around the home to keep insects away during the summer.

Give Spiders Less Ways into Your Bedroom
If you’re on top of the cleaning as discussed above and don’t have any spiders in your room, new spiders will need to get in from somewhere. What are the available entry points? Usually the doors and gaps or cracks around windows.

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Put a draft stopper against the bottom of your door, and fill in any gaps around the windows. You can feel pretty safe as you sleep that no spiders will be crawling over your bed then.

Use Chestnuts
Use Chestnuts to Keep Spiders Away

This is a slightly unusual but well-known fact, spiders hate chestnuts. The good thing about chestnuts is that we can’t smell them, and it’s not a huge inconvenience to place a few around the places where you think spiders appear.

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They are seasonal, but once you have some you can use them year around. Try lining a few on your window sill to start with.
Use Garlic
I love using garlic in foods and have some garlic oil at home. I haven’t used this personally to keep spiders away but I’ve heard from many sources that it’s really effective.

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to start ingesting lots of garlic. Just place a whole bulb, or even a clove or two around the windows and doorway. You can even make a water mixture with some garlic but this will be really strong and you’ll smell it while in bed.

Use Cedar
Use Cedar to Keep Spiders Away

Cedar is wood shavings from a number of conifers and has a fragrant, woody aroma. It’s a nice aroma, certainly easier to tolerate around your room than garlic and just as effective.

You can use shavings, blocks, oils, any number of different cedar-based products, whatever works best for you. I recommend diffusing some cedar essential oil, it keeps moths and other insects away too.

Use Essential Oils
You may have noticed I have mentioned a couple of different essential oils in this post for some of the fragrances that keep spiders away. Citrus fragrances, cedar, peppermint, cinnamon, lavender, these are all insect repellant aromas.

Try diffusing the oils, lavender in particular will help you sleep better and is a good choice. You can also place a few drops around your room, or use them just about however you want. Essential oils are natural, smell great, and are fun to use.

Use a Bed with Legs
Use a Bed with Legs to Keep Spiders Away

If you have a divan base, which are two blocks with drawers in, the spiders can hide under this easily and also climb up the sides with ease. The most difficult type of bed for spiders to climb up are frames with thin legs.

Spiders are adept at climbing and can get up any kind of bed. But let’s make it as difficult as possible if you’re really worried about it. Combined with some of the tips above to repel spiders I’d be very surprised if you ever saw one on your bed.

How to stop love handlesin 3 days

. Don’t cut carbs (especially pre- and post-workout)

Healthy complex carbs, such as sweet potatoes, black rice, and oats, keep your metabolism stimulated and give your body long-lasting energy, Lowe says. When your body feels deprived of this energy, it goes into starvation mode and burning fat becomes a last priority.

2. Switch to Stevia

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“While artificial sweeteners have zero calories, they can still make your body gain and hold on to fat,” Lowe says. Research shows the fake stuff can increase carb cravings, stimulate appetite, and increase fat storage, so ween yourself off.
3. Focus on healthy fats

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It may sound counterintuitive, but you need to eat fat to lose fat. “Eating a diet rich in avocados, nuts, seeds, olive/coconut oil, and fatty fish is shown to decrease abdominal fat,” Lowe explains.

4. Go organic

Don’t roll your eyes. The extra buck at the grocery store goes a long way in providing you with better health benefits. Research has found organic meat and milk have about 50 percent more omega-3 fatty acid. “Eat grass-fed beef and whole organic cage-free eggs,” Lowe recommends. “Both of these foods contain conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been shown to promote abdominal fat loss.”

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5. Add some spice

“Using fresh or dried turmeric or ginger helps the body fight inflammation, which is a direct trigger for holding on to unwanted back and belly fat,” Lowe says.

6. Hit the (water) bottle

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Drinking plenty of water is critical for losing your love handles. When your body is dehydrated, it’ll do everything in its power to hold on to water and trick your brain into thinking it’s hungry rather than thirsty, she says. Shoot to drink a gallon every day.

7. Time your meals strategically

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“Focus on eating complex carbohydrates pre- and-post workout, when your body will utilize them for energy rather than storing them as fat,” Lowe suggests. If you can, keep your meals small and consistent throughout the day (say, every 3 hours for a total of 5-6 meals a day) to ward off hunger. “When you’re ravenous, it’s a lot easier to reach for a sugary, unhealthy snack.”